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Cell Com erfaringer - Video

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My Cell Com Story
Bob Riestenberg, Mn. US

The first question you're going to ask is "What is a Cell-Com?"

Cell Com is a electromedical device that was invented by a great acupuncture/ acupressure specialist in Denmark.
Electronic acupuncture would be a good description of the Cell Com, which uses a nine-volt battery for power.
Like any good story, it starts out with the famous words, "One dark and stormy night" I woke up in the middle of the night and I heard water running somewhere. I turned on the light to investigate and here in the bathroom was my wife Babe, lying in a tubful of water at two in the morning. She looked at me strangely and said, "Oh, it hurts so terribly, I can hardly stand it."

After getting collected and dressed, we went to the doctor and after a few tests, it was concluded that she was suffering from fibromyalgia, with not much hope for a cure. We got many kinds of lotions to try and some relieved the misery, but no cure. "Learn to live with it" was the advice given.
About that time, a business associate of mine told me about this acupunc-turist Hugo Nielsen in Denmark who invented the Cell Com, a device that helps the body function correctly. In about two weeks of daily treatment, the fibromyalgia gradually faded away and never reappeared.

With such great success, we both used the cell com twice a day, morning and night. Very few colds, hardly any arthritis or gout, and best of all, no body smells or bathroom smells. It detoxifies the body. You can sneak a beer and your wife will never smell it.
I had an accident, leaving me with a two-inch cut on top of my head, bleeding profusely, like head injuries do. My daughter got the cell com and treated it with almost instant stoppage of the bleeding. The wound gap closed up and all was well in a short while.

One of my early customers bought one long ago and now she bought one for each of her daughters. "You don't want a life without a Cell Com System."

There are usually two kinds of patients, those that expect instant gratification; and those who are patient and know it took ten or more years for their affliction to develope, so to turn the tables around for repair, it also requires some time.

Just came back from the annual visit to the Dr. and except for my arthritic back I'm in excellent health for my 91 yrs. of age. I just have to thank you for keeping me in such excellent shape all these years with your cell com and reflexology treatment. I look around at my peers and I find them in a wheelchair or in the cemetery.

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The Second Chance (DIGITAL)
The Second Chance (DIGITAL)
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01.Cell Com System LM/03
02.Eskimo 3 - fiskeolie - flydende 2x105ml.
03.Cell Com ledning
04.Organisk Amino-Selen - 60 stk.
05.Bio-C.L.A. + T - 90 stk.
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