Terms and Company legal name: Hugo Nielsen Instituttet v/Lone Nielsen Jensen
Company No.: 39 36 69 24
Address: Kirkeallé 14, 6510 Gram, Denmark


Your information - Name, address and e-mail - is transmitted to us encrypted through our 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and will ONLY be used to ship the goods that you have purchased and to inform you of unexpected delays that might occur.

Also you will receive your order confirmation by e-mail and a second e-mail to tell you when the goods are shipped to you. Your information will not be shared with third parties.

We are an independant online store who will NOT share your information with third parties. We will store your data safe through our 128-bit SSL encryption.

According to the Persondatalov (Danish Personal Data Act/Law) your are entitled to full information on which data from you we will store. We do not register information based on cookies or server logfiles. Information regarding your purchase is stored for 5 years to ensure that if you should have a complaint we can handled it to your satisfaction. After the 5 years all information is deleted. Credit card information is not stored.

If you want information on data that we have stored from your purchase please e-mail hnshop@hnshop.dk with your request.


Order confirmation
Immediatly after your online purchase, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. This order confirmation contains: Order no., order code, name, address, payment method and a view of the purchased items.

A receipt is the last step in the shopping process and we recommend that you print it for further reference. A copy of the receipt must follow the goods if you for any reason should return an item.


All our prices are including 25% Danish tax/vat. The following currencies are used in our webshop: Danish kroner, Norwegian kroner, Swedish kroner, Euro and Pound Sterling. You may order any of our products using these currencies. As default we use the Danish kroner.

Residents outside the European Common Market (EC/EU) shall not pay Danish tax (25%), which will be automaticly deducted upon you finalizing your order/purchase. You must be aware of that import/state tax might apply when importing the goods into your country, please check with your national/local custome service if in doubt.

You can pay your orders with the most common credit cards (VISA, VISA-Electron, Mastercard, Eurocard and JCB). When you pay with your Credit card you must apply your Credit card number (without spaces or hypes), Expire date and the Card ID number.

It is free to pay with your Credit card, since we are paying all the Card charges.

The amount on your invoice/receipt will not be charges to your credit card account before the goods are shipped.

Your purchase will show on your next credit card statement.
You cannot pay for your goods with a Cheque or Money order.

The data you transmit to the server when making a purchase is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Therefor ONLY the secure server can read your credit card information (Secure Transactions are handled by PBS). No employer of Hugo Nielsen Instituttet ApS or other third parties are able to see or read this information.

The amount of your purchase will first be deducted upon shipment of your order. It is NOT possible to withdraw a larger amount then you approved when ordering.

We use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer protocol) to encrypt the information between your Internet browser and our Internet Server. This means that the information you provide when paying with your Credit card is protected between your computer and the server. As an encryption form SSL is the most common used system in the world.


Depending on the destination you should normally receive your goods within 4-9 workdays. If you place a purchase on a weekend or national holiday the goods ordered will be shipped out on the first following workday. If we against expectations are not able to fulfil your purchase you will be notified within 3 workdays.

You can always check the status of your purchase by login into the "Orderstatus" section. (See navigation menu on the left). You will need your order no. and order code to login (which are provide with the receipt that is e-mailed to you).

If you want to have your goods delivered on another address then your own (workplace etc.) then this is easy. Just type in the name and address we should ship to instead of your own, when in the shopping process you are asked to provide name and address.


You have 2 years proof of warranty according to Danish law upon receiving your goods (goods not included: Where an expire date is stated).

Goods with an expire date only holds proof of warranty until the date stated. Malicious damage or misuse is not covered by the warranty. If you should have any claims you must inform Hugo Nielsen Instituttet within reasonable time and not later then 2 months after an defect is detected or should be detected. You must state the defect.

When returning any items with a defect or flaw the receipt/invoice or a Warranty certificat must follow the item in question.

Items when shipped should be properly wrapped. If items arrive damaged due to careless wrapping you could loose your right to make an claim. Defective products can be shipped to:

Hugo Nielsen Instituttet
Kirkeallé 14
DK-6510 Gram


You have 14 days money back guarantee on all items purchased in our online store (Digital goods that are downloadet are not included), starting from the day you receive the goods. To qualify for a return of funds, you must ship back the items in the same condition and amount received.

A copy of your receipt/invoice must follow the items. You also have the right to refuse/reject your purchase by not accepting the goods upon delivery. You are not obligated to state any reason for returning the goods.

Return address:

Hugo Nielsen Instituttet
Kirkeallé 14
DK-6510 Gram

The costs of returning any items are yours to pay.

The total amount will be refunded by Cheque, when we have received and controlled the goods, but not more then 30 days upon receiving the items. According to the Danish consumer law §12c.

To qualify for a return on herbs and vitamins the goods may not have been opened or the seal broken. We do not issue refunds on digital goods that have been downloadet.


Hugo Nielsen Instituttet will not send unsolicited e-mail/mail. Therefor you will only receive e-mails from us when/if you make an purchase. The e-mails mailed will be in regard to your purchase and will contain order confirmation, Shipment confirmation and a receipt. No other e-mails will be mailed to you, unless you specificly request addtional information from us.


Danish law / Forbrugeraftale-loven
Your purchase made through the Hugo Nielsen System Shop can be made in English, German or Danish and is placed under Danish jurisdiction and according to the law of remote sales act no. 886 from December 23, 1987, changed by the law no. 262 from June 6, 1993 and law no. 1098 from December 21, 1994.


We reserve the right to cancel any purchase made due to MISPRINTS, PRICE ERRORS, FAILURE TO DELIVERE DUE TO SOLD OUT of the items ordered and TAX/VAT CHANGES. Any agreement of delivering goods by Hugo Nielsen System Shop is concidered final when an employer has handeled your purchase. All discounts are valid as long as stocks last or until expire date of the offer.